With Winter now upon us are you noticing the darker mornings, weather warnings and the cooling the air at certain times of the day? We are once again shifting through the seasons and with the move in to Winter it is time to think about your hairstyle and colour. Well we have thought of it for you as we like to stay one step ahead at Samantha Jones Hair Co.

Read on for the seasons hottest looks and some great tips on creating wearable styles that are SO on trend right now.

According to Vogue

Tortoiseshell hair is the new Ballayage, when your ballayage starts to look a bit ‘dull’ loses its lustre think of adding caramel, rich chocolate and dreamy honey tones to the ends of the hair to add a depth of colour never seen before Add picture here caption try asking your stylist to colour match you with different tones and low-lights to achieve a natural, undone look that is perfect for autumn.

If you want to do something with your appearance the easiest way to do it is to do something with your hair. Choosing a colour isn’t as easy as simply picking a colour you like

There are lots of different factors you and your hairdresser should consider before picking out a colour for your hair

Step 1 : decide what skin tone you have: have a look what colour the veins at your wrists are, if they are blue your undertone is cool if they are green your undertone is warm, if they are some where in between your undertone is neutral.

Olive skin suits dark colours, you should never go lighter than your skin

If you have pink skin avoid tones of warm red or golden blonde. Ash tones will neutralise your colouring

There is an upside to being pale skinned, it suits most colours but may not be flattering

Bright, striking colours particularly suit darker skin tones but softer shades can make you look washed out

If you are extremely pale skinned then avoid black or too dark shades as it can make you look paler than you already are. Dark hair can also be very aging on pale skin

If you have yellow undertones be careful with yellow, gold and orange tones. Deep reds and dark browns will flatter you more.

Step 2 : Decide what clothing colours look good on You

If you look good in red, orange, Golden yellow, olive Green, or Rust you suit warm tones such as golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn.

If you look good in bluish red, fuschia, black, royal blue or pine green you suit cool hair tones such as Platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and black

If you look good in red, purple, charcoal grey or teal you would suit neutral tones such as beige blonde, chocolate blonde and mahogany.

Step 3: which jewellery looks good on you?

If you suit silver better you have a cool skin tone

If you suit gold you have warm skin tones

Suit both? Lucky You, you are neutral

Step 4: Determine your colour because hair colour and eye colour go hand in hand

If you have brown, green or hazel eyes you should have hair with warm tones as your eyes will have a yellow base

If you have Blue or grey eyes you should have hair with a cooler tone

Now you have read the 4 steps be prepared to be a little bit flexible as not all the steps will apply to you but you should always go with the majority. I wish I had known these rules in my Apprentice days before Dying my hair RED!!!I have pink skin and I looked awful, it was a long and expensive process for both me and my wallet to get my poor hair back to a cooler shade.

You’re a little bit scared-y cat and not sure? Become a VIP and learn more tips like these.

Book in for a full consultation free of charge with one of our stylists. We can help you work out your perfect colour. We are Colour and style Specialists and as far as we know we are the only salon that offers a full follow up service to all new clients by giving a complimentary style check service 7-10 days after your new colour and cut.