Your hair is boring, its the same as it’s been for years and you are FED up! You want change, you want to feel great and you need to find a hair stylist and salon that understands you! You know what you like but when you try to explain it you don’t know how and you get all confused sound like you?

So what do you do?

Possibly it too hard so you just book an appointment at the same old salon, try and say you want a change, get confused and just end up with the same again? Or, you could phone around all the local salons for prices and pick the one that wasn’t the cheapest just to play it safe (i can guarantee you, most of those prices will never be what you pay anyway, i get lots of these calls EVERY day) OR do you take a look around, see what you like, ask your friends or colleagues where they get their great hair done then call the salon and hope that they might see you straight away.

There are so many reasons we change salons, so many things that can go wrong and lets face it your hair is your glory, its totally scary handing it over to a complete stranger and trusting them to get it right. We get that! As a salon owner for the last 10 years I have worked very hard creating the perfect experience while you are a guest in my salon. I recognise how scary it is finding a new salon so

Here are my Top 10 tips to help you choose a new salon.

Ask your friends and colleagues where they get their hair done well those

Check out their Facebook page for pictures of their work to see if you think

Google them! Its amazing what you can find out online True Local is the place to check out their reviews

Make THE phone call! Ask them for a complimentary consultation so you can meet the stylist and make sure you feel comfortable. If the salon doesn’t seem to want to give you a free slot then don’t go there they are not interested in you just your $$$$

prepare for the consultation check out Pinterest , this is an amazing source of images for colours and styles you might like. Pin the ones you love onto a board so you can show your stylist. Your stylist should sit with you, look at photos and discuss your options. Make sure you are happy with the plan before you go ahead.

Check out your chosen salons open hours and their location for convenience. Trust me if you struggle to fit your appointments in around work or your lifestyle you will soon end up back at square one again.

Allow plenty of time for your first appointment. Creating amazing colour and style is not a breeze and there is nothing worse than having a guest rushing you when you are trying to cut them a new style. Its perfectly fine for your maintenance appointments because we know your hair

Book your follow up appointment. You will hate your hair (and your stylist) if you go too long between visits and your hair just won’t sit right in the morning!

Your salon should invite you back at check out.

Make sure the salon you choose has a great range of products. It’s important to be able to re-create your style at home although you want to make sure your stylist is not pushy you will probably want what they have to offer when you are loving your hair!

Wherever you choose to go just make sure you feel comfortable and happy, you should enjoy your visits, your salon and stylists should respect and value. The economy is changing, we are spending less time at the hairdressers due to increasing bills and low maintenance colours like the Ombre. There is a salon on every corner fighting for your business, cutting prices, cutting quality.

Just remember cheap doesn’t necessarily mean you will get what you want

Do your homework before booking and enjoy

SjHCo Because its not just a hair appointment