The humidity has finally arrived like a big slap round the face and we all would like to get some of that hair up and out of the way. This cute little Spring style is bang on trend no matter what your age and can be as neat or as messy as you like.

Remember un-done texture is the thing of Spring and Summer 2015.

This look is best done on a textured head of hair so if your savvy with your curlers or GHD then put some messy curls through first. If not then simply flip your head upside down, spritz in some Sea salt Spray, Scrunch and flip back. This will give you the perfect base for this look.

  1. Half Up Tie top half up into a pony with a hair tie.
  2. Plait and Tie Plait the pony loosely and tie at end, preferably with a smaller tie.
  3. Wrap and Pin Wrap the plait till it sits to your liking and pin with pins around the base, tucking ends under so they are hidden.