Walking my dog this morning, the cold wet grass making my feet numb with chill set me thinking…..

My hair really suffers this time of year, big changes from the heat and moisture of summer to the cold crisp mornings and sunny warm days always makes my hair dull, dry and lifeless. What to do? Well it’s time to take my hair by the roots and rev up my haircare routine.

As a salon owner for the past 10 years I have always put myself after my valued guests, forgot to do my treatments and practice what I preach, the result…..dried out hair with fine, brittle ends that just cannot be fixed so I made a vow in the morning fog today, I am going to get a haircut and step up my routine, thus guaranteeing a beautiful shiny head of hair all winter and a perfect hair do when spring comes round.

My top 10 tips for Healthy, Happy hair all winter

Trim your hair EVERY 6-8 weeks. A regular small trim does not mean your hair won’t get longer, it will keep the ends healthy and prevent splitting and breakage.

Pre-book your salon appointments, this way you won’t forget for 3 months and end up only getting back when your hair is in a disastrous state! We send out text message reminders 4 days before to help keep you on track

Don’t use any old shampoo and conditioner, listen to your stylist, we are trained to know what’s best for your hair. Used correctly they should last far longer than your shopping bought products and be far better for you. You will love having your prescribed bottles in the shower and will use them sparingly which is perfect…we bet you don’t value those $5 products you buy at the supermarket.

Try not to wash your hair as often if you can. This will help your hair retain its natural oils for longer.

Use a leave in moisturiser after washing and before drying your hair – we love Colour Repair Rich $24 Wella Professionals.

Turn down the heat on your blow dryer and try not to use styling tools as often, use a Thermal Protector every time you use heat, this is essential as most damage is caused by blow dryers and straightening irons.

Do an intensive treatment once a week- this is my ‘me time’, I like to lock the bathroom door, run a hot bath and relax in the bubbles for 30 minutes all why the husband cooks the dinner…yeah right, I chuck a treatment on, put on a shower cap and do the dinner myself ?

Reverse cycle air conditioning….try not to have it too hot it will suck the moisture from your hair.

Listen to your scalp! If it feels dry, itchy or otherwise it will likely affect your hair. Mention it to your stylist so she/he can help, this will ensure your hair doesn’t get affected in the long run.

Most important…we recommend having a great Autumn/Winter, it’s a beautiful time of year but don’t forget to use your salon products. You should always have 5 (Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, Leave – in – Moisturiser and a Styling Product). Keep some small pots handy so you can decant small amounts in if you go away.